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Coppull to Crete - The Departure

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

After what could only be described as military precision packing, we have ended up with one box of stuff. Random bits that we don't really know why we're packing them, but a whole load of 'just in case's'. I mean, what if we discover one day that the wires we've stored in that box for the last 5 years DO in fact belong to something. It's just not worth the risk is it?

Each box is labelled with the alphabet, the plan had been to stop at 'O' - 15 boxes. I had to move to A1/B1/C1 after I ran out of letters. We've definitely made full use of taking the van.

Disclaimer - as much as I'd like to claim my luggage looks this amazing, it does not. Mine is more of a #nailedit type layout.

I have a file full of paperwork that is needed for travelling through countries in these testing times. Despite the intense research over the last few weeks I'm still terrified that there is something I may have missed. At this late hour though, it's tough luck, as my Dad would say.


My attire is somewhat surprising - I've invested in a tracksuit, something I haven't worn since my trip to the brand new Euro Disney some 30+ years ago. My friend won the trip after buying a hoover, a worthy investment if just for the holiday itself. She had a tracksuit and so I felt that it was something I should probably consider. If I remember rightly, it was pink and really quite awful. Needless to say, those photo's rarely see the light of day and my relationship with tracksuits was dead in the water. You'll understand now why I described what I'm wearing as surprising. I can't say I feel too comfortable in it, which clearly had been the sole reason for buying it in readiness of our 5 day journey. It's not that it's not comfortable, just that I feel I'm wearing somebody else's clothes - especially since I bought a size bigger than I needed to in order to keep in with the 'comfortable' theme.

I can't say whether I'm excited right now or not. It's been a roller coaster of emotions over the last few weeks and I think I may just be utterly exhausted with it all. I also think there's an element of imposter syndrome - is this really me/us that is moving abroad and living our dream? It doesn't quite feel real but I think when we get to the 2 week mark after arriving, and we DON'T have to come home maybe it will start feeling a bit more real.


So, TODAY IS THE DAY! Eeeeeeek! We're off!

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