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Coppull to Crete - The Countdown

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

What a year it has been, not just for us, but for everybody. Life-changing events have been commonplace in 2020, some for better, some for worse. At the very least it has invoked a conscious thought process in most, and many people have questioned their priorities in life.

For us, our journey started from some serious health issues, a long-held desire to move to warmer climates, and the impact from all that 2020 spat in our direction.

Don't get me wrong - this was always going to happen. Our long-term plan had always focussed on our love of Crete. The food, the food, and the food have always been a debate that could while away the hours. Is there anybody in the world who can pinpoint which Greek dish is their favourite? I would always consider Moussaka to be my number 1, closely followed by 1a. Kleftiko and 1b. Stifado. There is no way these could be considered my top 3, they are all my number 1's. Still, our love of Crete runs much deeper than just the food. The locals are the warmest, most generous, and inviting people I have ever known. Most of them have insisted on feeding us at various times in our lives, and so this coupled with our Greek food obsession is a win-win. The weather. I have mixed feelings about this. I am all for absorbing as much vitamin D as my body can handle. I love the sunshine, the glistening waves, wearing sunglasses, and walking barefoot in the house/garden/sand/anywhere else. However, as a woman with a good amount of life experience already behind her, I am at a time in my life when I often feel as though I have eaten the sun. I have no idea how my body has not self-combusted with the amount of internal heat I am able to generate. So, whilst the thought of hot summers sounds utterly glorious, I am also realistic in that I will likely have a paddling pool filled with ice permanently strapped around my torso to bring my body temperature to an acceptable level. Our journey is imminent and so only time will tell what stories we garner along the way. Our hope is to achieve a way of life that is as peaceful as this image, to scale back our need for material things, and enjoy a better quality of life. I really hope to be able to share them with you, if you will allow.

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