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About us

Without making it sound like a C.V.?

We like to binge-watch the latest box-set just as much as the next person.  We were very late to the party on 'How to Get Away with Murder' but we managed to do the full 6 seasons in a matter of weeks.  That's how dedicated we are when we set our mind to something. 

Our main passion though is exploring, seeing mind-blowing architecture built hundreds of years ago without the tools that we have today, and marveling at how the heck they did it.  

The dog hates traveling.  He is going to be seriously unimpressed, no matter how much thought his Daddy has put into his bespoke bed in the van.  We're hoping he will grow to love it.

The cat is chilled.  She doesn't give a damn where she is just so long as she is fed twice a day. 

And of course, we like meeting new people, socialising and eating out. 

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